Zuma Rossdale Rocks Harajuku Mini From Target

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Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani looked on as Zuma and Kingston played at a birthday party in Sherman Oaks, CA.  Always the stylish family, their ensembles did not disappoint.  Zuma sported a darling zebra hat and puffy vest to protect him from the chilly California day.  Under the vest, Zuma wore a sweatshirt designed by his mom.
Zuma‘s Harajuku Mini graffiti hoodie was designed by Gwen Stefani for TargetTarget.com offers a preview of Gwen‘s line, which is available in Target stores nationwide.  The fashionable Harajuku Mini for Target Mini Mayhem Jacket retails for $20, making it affordable for every budget.  It’s always nice to see a celebrity (or their kids) rock their own clothing line and certainly pulls it off.

Stephanie Selarka

Stephanie lives in Del Mar, California with her husband and one-year old son Tage. She has spent a great deal of her life following celebrity gossip through magazines and online blogs. Stephanie is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest kids stuff and loves to share her finds with others.

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