Zero Tolerance for zero tolerance!

I have Zero tolerance for people who don’t use common sense or recognize that with rules there is always a gray area!  This is one of those situations. A middle school in Forest Hills New York has the Zero Tolerance policy and man, were they WAY off in their actions to a 12 year old girl.  Alexa Gonzales, an outgoing girl who likes to dance and draw, was arrested, yes, arrested for doodling on a desk the words “I love my friends”.  She was handcuffed in front of her friends and hauled off to jail.  Alexa stated that she was so humiliated not only that the teachers were watching, but her friends. She stated that she felt like they would think she was a bad person.  This is something that will stay with her her for the rest of her life! How terrible and for what?  For being a normal 12 year old girl!  This is absolutely ridiculous, absurd and completely WRONG!  Don’t even try to go against me on this one. If this was your daughter, you would be outraged!  Zero tolerance or not, this is just down right stupidity!

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