Yowza! Greg Grunberg Talks Tech and Family with The Hot Moms…..

Greg Grunberg has starred in some of the most popular shows on television, Heros, Lost, Alias and Felicity to name a few.  Now he adds  The founder of Yowza!!, the first location-based mobile coupon app. Simply put, Yowza!! puts free coupons in your pocket to be used where you eat and shop most we had a few questions for this down to earth dad of 3….

What type of smartphone do you have and on a scale of 1-10 how obsessed are you?  Do you have any favorite games or applications?

I have always owned an iPhone.  Actually that’s not true, I did use a Blackberry for a while, but that ended when the iPhone first came out.  I was an early adopter and haven’t looked back.  Nothing compares.  I created my free app Yowza!! for the world to save money on an iPhone or Android, so those are my faves!  Yowza!! is my favorite, but I am also addicted to Action Movie and Scramble…




What project/s are you working on now? On Screen or off? What inspired you to create YOWZA?!

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