YouTuber Logan Paul Receives Backlash Over Tasteless Video

Are your kids fans?

Chances are if you have pre-teen kids in your house, you know who Jake Paul and Logan Paul are. The brothers are hugely popular YouTube stars. Jake Paul even starred for a short time on one of those very annoying Disney channel shows. That is until he was fired over controversy one of his videos created.

As parents we try to keep ourselves informed with what our kids are watching on YouTube. My younger two kids have been fans of Jake and Logan Paul for a while now, although I never really understood the hype. I couldn’t stand to watch Jake Paul on television and Logan Paul’s videos were just dumb (in my opinion.) Still, my kids were once big ‘Team 10’ fans as were many of their friends.

Thankfully my kids no longer seem to be fans of the infamous brothers, and if your kids are you might want to learn about the cause of this recent backlash.

While Jake Paul has already had his fair share of backlash over a video he filmed, older brother Logan Paul is now facing more serious repercussions.

Logan recently shared a video to his YouTube page that has disgusted and angered many, with some even calling for YouTube to terminate the vlogger’s channel completely.

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