5 Types of Belly That Aren’t Caused by Excess Weight

It’s no secret that a lot of moms struggle with losing their post-baby bellies. It’s been ten years since I’ve last been pregnant and I’m still trying to lose mine to this very day! Some days it’s bigger, other days it’s smaller. But for one reason or another I just can’t shake it away.

Well now new research says that there might be a reason behind our little, itty (or not so little and itty) bellies. And no, it has nothing to do with excess fat or that last meal you had at the Olive Garden. Instead, there might be an underlying disease that you are unaware of.

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Here are 5 common reasons behind your belly!

1. Stress Belly

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You might look and feel slim, but your stress belly tells the real story about your health. This is when your belly is surrounded by all the bad fats that come from unhealthy food choices and even an excessive consumption of coffee.

Try chamomile tea before going to bed to get rid of the excess fat because it will help calm and relax you. Try other things, too, that help reduce the stress and you’ll see your body change as a result.

2. Mommy’s Belly

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I’m pretty sure that I’ve been carrying my mommy belly for over a decade now. This is mostly because I gained an excessive amount of weight during my last pregnancy (yes, and by excessive amount I mean 65lbs).

In order to help get rid of your mommy belly, try taking fish out, eat healthy fats and do kegel exercises. Sometimes if you have lax stomach muscles from pregnancy, it can make it appear that you’re carrying extra weight, when really your internal organs aren’t being supported by ab muscles, like they usually are.

3. Low Belly

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Believe it or not, you might be getting a low belly because of your posture. In order to get rid of the pouch, try eating a fiber-rich diet (with plenty of spinach!), watch your posture and make sure you exercise and drink lots of H20.

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