“Your Killer Emotions” How Not To Let Them Get The Best Of You! (Book Review)

your Killer emotions 10 18 12-2 “Your Killer Emotions” How Not To Let Them Get The Best Of You!.

As parents we are constantly challenged. Weather it’s trying to find a minute to ourselves, trying to cope with major lack of sleep or just a child that constantly pushes the limits. It’s hard to remain calm throughout parenthood and there are more imperfect moments then perfect ones.

We all have flown off the handle from time to time or have had a few mommy dearest moments. Our emotions get the best of us more often then we would like, but what if someone told you that you actually have more power and control then you realize and that when it comes to making life decisions, there is a way to take charge for the best?  Well there is, and lucky for us author, Ken Lindner has put it all in a book called “Your Killer Emotions”

Your Killer Emotions walks you through the 7 steps to mastering your toxic emotions, urges, and impulses that sabotages all of us. Have you ever made a really bad decision in the heat of the moment? Say with a spouse, your kids, a co-worker?

We inevitably feel terrible after the fact or worse, we realize that we have done something to set us back. Why do we keep doing that? Why can’t we just stop and think before we react in a way that we will regret? Here is the good news, we CAN and Ken tells us how.

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