Is Your Child’s Car Seat Toxic?

I know that car seat safety is a HUGE topic among moms and parents in general, but to be honest with you I was rather relieved when my children grew out of their car and booster seats. Because let’s be honest: between all of the spilled Cheerios, snacks, vomit, snot, juice boxes, dirt and who knows what else, those seats ended up being filthy and gross. And cleaning my children’s car seats were such a pain in my pass.

As much as I tried to keep the back seat of my car clean, it always looked like a scene from a college party the morning after. Unfortunately, a lot of parents really have no idea how toxic, nasty and downright gross their children’s car seats really are.

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Here’s what you need to know about your child’s toxic car seat!


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Let’s face it, your child’s car seat probably has more germs than a toilet. Think of all of the things that your child does in that seat. Eats, sneezes, drools, spills stuff, and of course the occasional explosive poops. And now think about all the times you’ve actually unbuckled and unfastened the car seat to give it a deep clean. Not many, right?


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Sadly, toxic chemicals are being used in children’s car seats that are linked to health issues including cancer. All car seats are made with at least one flame retardant. A federal bill was recently introduced that would allow car seats to be made without toxic chemicals (which would be similar to a recent change in California’s flammability standards).  My parents are hoping lawmakers will pass legislation to ban toxic chemicals from children’s car seats.

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