Couple Has Young Surrogate Carry Their Baby, but When Doctors Order an Ultrasound Everyone Is SHOCKED

Becoming a parent and having a family to some is the most important thing in the world and sometimes, you realize this  the first time you hold your newborn. Or the first time you pull an all-nighter with a sick child.

For others, it’s the heartwarming moments, like spending an afternoon holding your baby in a rocking chair – and knowing there’s no place in the world you’d rather be.

But not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to create one.   For Joanna and Steve, this struggle was all too real.

Many people describe motherhood as a calling, but for Shaniece Strudy, she felt the call more than most.

Shaniece Sturdy was watching TV as a teenager when she happened to come across  a documentary about surrogacy.

From that moment on, she was interested in one day becoming a surrogate for a couple who would be struggling to grow their family.

After giving birth to her own son, she found herself thinking about this and really drawn to the experience of helping another mother, Sturdy knew she wanted to act as a surrogate for someone else.

Luckily for this couple, Shaniece Sturdy, a 21-year-old from Carshalton, Surrey, was all too willing to help. Shaniece had heard about surrogacy from a documentary on TV. Since she already had a young boy of her own, she wanted to help these two build up their family.

For Joanna and Steve, this struggle was all too real.

Credit: Screenshot / Carters TV

But she wasn’t expecting this!

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