Young Girl Was So Thrilled To Meet Taylor Swift That She Can’t Tell If It’s A ‘Dream Or For Real’

Taylor Rayburn a six-year-old girl battling cancer has received a special belated birthday present, after she met her idol Taylor Swift backstage at the recent Atlanta concert.   She and her mom (Alison) were enjoying her first ever live music experience  when the two of them met Swift’s mother, Andrea.

Andrea then took the duo backstage to meet her daughter.  Allison uploaded a Facebook post alongside a photo of her ecstatic daughter with Swift.

taylor swift with cancer patient

“Taylor and her entourage were the sweetest and most humble people. She is just like you see on tv…I think we were all star struck,” she wrote.

“She left saying, I can’t tell if this is a dream or for real! So amazing!”

The grateful mom also said her daughter had not been able to celebrate her sixth birthday on the day, due to the young girl’s battle with kidney cancer, which she was diagnosed with in April.



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