Young Boy Hanged Himself After Fearing He Would Be in Trouble for Forgetting Text Books

I’ll admit to it, I do put quite a lot of pressure on my kids to make sure that they always do well at school. And if there’s one thing that I repeat often, it’s that they need to do these two things: learn how to take care of their body and their mind. A healthy body and an alert mind will hopefully lead to a happy and healthy life. Yet, I also want to know what’s going on in my children’s lives. I want to know who they are playing with, how they are feeling and if they are bothered about something, how we can resolve it. Communication has always been and always will be very important in our family.

But would I ever push my child to the edge to make sure they are academically successful? Or berate them for getting a bad grade or forgetting their homework? I sure hope not! But it looks like that might have been something a 12-year-old boy worried about..

Tyrese Glasgow
Credit: Facebook/Katy Cross

Why did Tyrese Glasgow die?

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