You’ll Never Guess How Much This Little Girl’s Dress Costs

Let me be honest with you here: shopping for my 8-year-old daughter sucks. She’s no longer into the Disney Princess/Frozen/My Little Pony phase which means t-shirts with characters on them are a no-go while I don’t think we are really ready to be wearing pre-teen clothing just yet (because hello, she’s just 8!). And I’m not a huge fan of the bright yellow and fuscia sweatshirts that have slogans on them that say #BFF and OMG or whatever silly saying the kids are into these days. It’s mostly because the material of the clothes usually sucks and after a few rounds in the washing machine the clothes start looking pretty bad.

With that being said, I still try finding quality kids clothes that are in my budget constraints. Spending more than $100 on a dress for my princess for her Daddy and Daughter dance is too ridiculous of a notion for me, considering the fact that she’s also still growing now faster than ever. So what’s a mama to do? I’ll tell you that I’ve started boutique shopping (while still trying to stay in my budget) so I can help support local businesses and more often than not the clothes are of a better quality (and way cuter with better detail as well). I love a little sparkle and frou frou and that’s why when I came across this add for Balmain Kids I was floored to find out how much these cute dresses cost.

Looks cute, doesn’t it?

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.39.13 PM

But once you’ll find out how much it costs, I guarantee you it will leave you floored. GET READY FOR IT.


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