Jon Gosselin’s New Career Will Make You Cringe

When I see people earning money the old-fashioned, hard-earned way by putting in their hours for a paycheck to pay their bills every week, I can’t judge. In fact, if you’re a law-biding citizen who dutifully pays their taxes each year, I have no reason to judge you at all. You’re doing your job, you’re not getting in anyone’s way and you’re earning an honest living.

But if you’re Jon Gosselin, I’m not going to give you that pass.

Simply put, the man used to have the world at his fingertips: both he and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin were successful reality television stars. Their fans loved them and loved watching them raise their eight children on their hit TLC show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. It was fun, cute and innocent daytime programming.

Unfortunately, things started going downhill pretty fast for Jon and Kate. They pulled the plug on their marriage back in 2010. They’ve had a difficult time seeing eye-to-eye or even communicating with each other since their divorce. For the longest time Jon struggled to find a stable job which has led him to where he is today.

Jon Gosselin
Credit: Instagram/@jongosselin1

Jon Gosselin is now working as a …

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