You Must See This Target Shopping Cart That’s Changing the Lives of Families With Disabilities


We could not love this story anymore! It is simply amazing and heartwarming to see moments like this shared.

This family’s weekly trip to the Target store in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri, was typically filled with stress. Until this week.

Adam Standiford’s daughter, Savannah, has a rare chromosomal deletion that causes life-threatening conditions such as hydrocephalus, uncontrolled epilepsy, cerebral palsy, a heart defect, chronic kidney disease, a complicated and small airway and severe intellectual impairments. The 6-year-old has had four brain surgeries, is g-tube fed and doesn’t walk.

"When Savannah was younger we were easily able to whisk her up -- oxygen tank, apnea monitors and all -- and put her in cart or use her stroller for transportation. As she has aged, she has grown as well as our family. She is currently almost 4 foot tall and nearing 35 pounds. She no longer fits in a standard shopping cart," Standiford told ABC News.

So, when his wife came across a shopping cart designed for older children and adults with special needs on a Nov. 9 trip to Target, she was elated. In a post that's since been shared nearly 10,000 times on Facebook, Standiford wrote that the cart will "change the way we shop."



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