You Must See These Photos If Your Child or Family Member Is Still In A Car Seat!

safety first car seat saves child life rear facing
Image Source: GoFundMe

In Tacoma, WA, a horrible car accident could have ended with taking a child’s life, but because there was proper car seat installation, two little ones Hunter and Kolton and their mom Kylee actually survived

Kylee Barrett was on her regular route to school taking her 5-year-old son and had her 2-year-old, also buckled in.

The car hit some black ice and when Kylee swerved the car to avoid hitting another car she went straight into a tree which crushed Hunter’s side of the car. Although the car was upside down the car seat bent in a way to protect Hunter.

You guys know I’m always preaching car seat safety, right? THIS. IS. WHY. This seat was restraining a 1 year old. Mom…

Posted by Heather Viers on Friday, January 15, 2016

What car seat was Hunter in? A rear-facing Safety 1st seat and if it had not been properly installed or rear facing, this could have been a deadly moment.  Hunter is ok, but he has a  broken left femur and some scrapes and bruises.

Heather Viers decided to take to facebook  using the photo of Hunter’s car seat to spread the word about proper car seat use: “This specific seat retails for $100. It’s NOT a ‘nice’ seat, but it further illustrates the point that you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your child safe. Get your car seats checked by a CPST. Use it properly every.single.time. The life of your child relies on it.”

Kylee has a GoFundMe page because insurance isn’t covering all of this and she also really wants to share her incredible but potentially tragic story for other parents to be aware. Kylee shares that no matter how many bruises she may have or how sore she is that she “couldn’t be happier.” because her kids are right there driving her crazy!

You need to CLICK through and see these photos for yourself whether you own a car seat, or know someone who does!


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