You Must See Santa Sharing Smooches & Snuggles With Jaxon, The Little Boy Missing Part of His Skull

 Jaxon Buell, the sweet little boy that was born without most of his skull, never knew if a photo with Santa was would happen. However, the now 15-month-old boy recently made a trip to meet Santa Claus for the very first time.

Jaxon’s mom shared on Facebook,  photos of her son meeting Santa at The Mall at Millenia in Orlando, FL. Who happened to be wearing a “Kiss Me” t-shirt, got a peck from Santa.

“Jaxon had one of his best days ever today!” his dad Brandon wrote on Facebook. “He was in a great mood all day and got to meet Santa for the very first time.”

Jaxon, who is missing a large part of his brain and skull, also posed for another set of photos as his family thanked his supporters on a giant Christmas card.

Jaxon’s story was shared across the world after he defied doctors’ expectations and celebrated his first birthday in August. Doctors had only given him a short time to live after he was born with a rare case of microhydranencephaly, a developmental abnormality that affects the brain.

After Jaxon’s first birthday, his dad Brandon wrote that it’s a miracle that his son is still here, as strong as ever, and only dependent on a feeding tube.

“Jaxon is still here with us, still learning, still developing, still thriving,” he wrote. “He’s back to smiling at us, always so happy in the morning after he wakes up and takes turns looking at both Mommy’s and Daddy’s face, seemingly as if he is so excited to start another day.”


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