Yikes! Now Hospitals Are Secretly Drug Testing Pregnant Women

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How would you feel if you found out that you were secretly tested for drugs during your last stay at a hospital? Honestly, I wouldn’t feel good knowing that my trusted team of medical professionals are doing something behind my back. While I understand that they have a job to do, it’s still my body, and whatever is done to it while in their care should have my permission first. Am I not right, mamas?

Well, there’s a new report that says hospitals are now secretly drug testing women. It’s pretty controversial and the results are sometimes pretty scary, too. Here’s more from Yahoo Parenting:

Investigative news site ProPublica recently reported on birth in Alabama and how many hospitals in the state are drug testing new mothers and infants without their explicit consent, landing many of these women in court and sometimes even jail.

Hospitals in Alabama have been using a law to allow them to essentially secretly drug test pregnant or birthing women and their newborns. ProPublica reached out to all 49 hospitals in the state that deliver babies, but 42 of them declined to discuss their policies, and the rest were pretty tight-lipped about what actually happens. However, from speaking with women who’ve birthed at some of them and obtaining paperwork for others, ProPublica was able to get a better idea of just what’s going on and why a perhaps well-intentioned law is having dangerous effects.

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