Yikes! Flight Attendant Insults This Woman After Asking Her If She’s Pregnant

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If there’s one thing I won’t do, it’s ask another woman if she were pregnant. I mean, there are some days when I look like I’m expecting after polishing off a big burger myself! First off, it’s not my business and second, I would rather have the expectant mother share her news herself without me prying about the current state of her uterus. Even if the mama looks like she’s about to give birth, I doubt she wants me to stop her and ask her how far along is she when her water is about to burst.

Well, that’s exactly what happened when a flight attended asked a non-pregnant woman about her very not-pregnant belly. Grethe Andersen was boarding a flight from Wellington to Auckland in New Zealand with Jetstar when a male flight attendant asked how far into her pregnancy she was.


“I was stunned and shocked, and said ‘I am not pregnant,'” she said, according to Mirror Online.

“As a woman, your confidence goes down quite a bit. It’s not a good feeling when you’re asked if you’re pregnant and you’re not.”

Andersen said the man motioned to his stomach and asked her “How many weeks are you?” She added she was hurt by question, as any woman would be.

In response, the airline offered Andersen a $67 voucher for her next flight. Ugh. (Honestly, I think I would be more insulted by the amount of the voucher – that barely covers taxes and fees on a flight these days!!!).

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