Yes, You Can Get Pregnant While You’re Already Pregnant

Pregnancy is pretty crazy when you think about it, right? Like if you get pregnant the “old-fashioned” way, it could literally happen in the most unglamorous of circumstances — perhaps after drinking too much, maybe a night when neither of you were really in the mood but did it anyways, or it just sort of happened and you can’t even really pinpoint the exact time of conception.

And then from that act, that maybe wasn’t even all that memorable itself, comes actual life. Somehow, nine months later, out pops a fully-formed human being. Like, what?! It’s insane when you think about it. Even more insane? This little-known pregnancy fact…

pregnant woman with flower
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Can you get pregnant when you’re already pregnant??

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Chaunie Brusie

Chaunie Brusie is a freelance writer, former magazine editor, author, mom of four, and a registered nurse with experience in OB, long-term and step-down care.

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