Would You Take A Trip To Vegas OR Cancun??

My children LOVE Las Vegas (PG rated Vegas, that is), and we were planning to celebrate my son’s 6th birthday with a few days in Vegas.

However, 2 days before our planned trip to Las Vegas, my husband was checking out the weather forecasts online, and decided to CHANGE our plans so that we could enjoy the warmth of Mexico, instead.

With some intense last minute planning; a visit to the local passport office with rushed orders for our kids’ passports; a quick trip to Target to load us up with summer clothes; and, we were on our way 2 days later to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.



My husband and I had both traveled to Cancun many years ago alone, and we wanted to look for a more quiet location in the Cancun area, where we could enjoy the gorgeous waters, soft sand, Mexican music in the background, delicious fresh Mexican food, minus the Spring Breakers. That’s how we settled upon PDC.

The flight wasn’t too bad, we took Delta it was an hour from SD to Phoenix; an hour layover; and then a few hours to Cancun. From the moment we got off the plane, our bodies already felt relaxed. Due to our concerns with safety, we did arrange for transportation through the hotel.

We stayed at The Royal Haciendas, and the rooms were HUGE! We had a 2 room suite, with a jacuzzi/whirlpool on our terrace that had easy access to a children’s pool and hammocks within a few steps. This was the PERFECT place for children. We felt safe, and the service in Mexico never disappoints.

More to come…

GG Benitez

One of the power players in the public relations industry, GG Benitez is the go-to source for discovery. Her wanderlust and lifestyle, family & celebrity pr expertise have taken her everywhere from chic metropolitan cities to the most obscure destinations on the global map. From must-visit hotels, to authentic restaurants, to sightseeing with kids, to the best shopping spots, she now brings her passion for uncovering new places to Hollywood Hot Moms' community.

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