Would You Step Up And Say Something If You Saw A Young Child Being Bullied?

Because I think every Monday should start off with a good cry, I wanted to share this video with you!

Do you think you’d say something if you were to witness actual bullying happening in front of you? That’s exactly what this video asks when 2 older girls are seen picking on a younger girl at a bus stop. In the video the two older girls begin to say some really mean, hurtful things to this young girl, thinking they’re being funny and clearly enjoying the feeling of making this young girl feel awful. Obviously the girls in this video are actors and aren’t really like this, but anyone who has school age children know that these kids actually do exist and if we don’t stand up to them and tell them what they’re doing is wrong, they’ll just keep on being bullies.

I won’t tell you how the adults who witnessed this bullying reacted, because I really think you have to watch it for yourself to truly appreciate it, but lets just say you might want to have some tissues handy! Do you think you’d react the same as these adults? Are you surprised by their reactions?


Kelli is a Lead Writer at Hot Moms Club. She's a Canadian living in the US with a longstanding love affair with entertainment news and celebrity gossip. She has written about it for some of the most popular websites in both Canada and the US including Entertainment Tonight Canada, I'm Not Obsessed and Babble. When she's not chauffeuring her 4 kids back and forth to the rink for various hockey and figure skating activities, she can be found glued to Netflix or reading a great book.

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