Would You Hire An Attractive Nanny?

So comes the question when trying to find the perfect nanny for your child/children. What if the perfect nanny also happened to be perfect or somewhat close to it on the outside? What if they were amazing with your kids and had many years experience with great referrals? Would you hire a nanny that also happened to be attractive? My answer, Hell to the NO!!!! And I mean NEVER!  Maybe it’s just me, but not only would I not want ANY sort of added temptation in my own house around my own husband,( just being real people!) but I have had nannies and especially if you are a new mom with a baby, the baby will sometimes prefer the nanny who takes care of them all day long instead of you, the MOM. Sad but true, so if you are a new mom trying to get your barrings and you have an attractive woman walking around, taking care of your kids, looking all good, catching your husbands eye, no thank you! My add would read…….Looking for an amazing nanny with LOTS of experience and referrals. The older the better! Hot nannies need not apply!!

What do you think, would you be ok with an attractive woman walking around your home day in and day out? Then you are a better woman than I.

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