These Are the 6 Worst Diet Fads That Should Be Avoided

Every year I always end up doing the same thing: I overeat during Thanksgiving and Christmas and then panic when I can’t fit into my favorite pair of skinny jeans on New Year’s Day. The same happens during our summer break: I indulge in every sinful plate known to man: calorific chocolate brownie sundaes, my favorite crab cake sandwiches, friend onion rings, french fries dipped in mayonnaise (don’t judge) and so much more.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do my best to try and stay healthy on a regular basis. But sometimes a woman just has to eat! Plus, lettuce with a side of air just doesn’t taste good,  mamas. With that being said though, a lot of us tend to test fad diets for quick-fix diet tricks after we’ve gone off the deep end. And while some might give you the temporary results you are looking for, they’ve don’t always work. I mean, raise your hand if you can eat chicken broth soup three times a day for the rest of your life (I didn’t think so!).

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Here are the 6 worst diet fads that you should avoid!

1. Fast Food Diet

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I’m sure you’ve seen lists of “healthy” fast food options that you can eat. A lot of people say that the “good” bad meals come from places like Taco Bell, Panda Express, Dunkin Donuts and more (I’ll let Chipotle be the loan exception here). But don’t believe it! Anything made fast wasn’t made with love or care for that matter.

2. Diet Pills

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When it comes to diet pills, stay away from it like the plague! There’s no long-term benefit to using them. The main ingredient in many diet pills are stimulants that have been found to increase risk for heart attack and stroke.

Often these stimulants are prescription level drugs that have been banned from the market, but they illegally make their way back into these pills due to poor regulation of dietary supplements.

3. Eat What You Want Diet

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Dr. Oz might be a fan of the Cheater’s Diet, but sorry it doesn’t work! I mean, could you imagine being faithful to your spouse during the weekdays but then cheating on him or her on the weekends? The eat-what-you-want diet is just as unrealistic.

You’ll just end up regretting every bad decision you made come Monday morning.

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