7 Things People Say Hurt Worse Than Childbirth—Are They Right?

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One of the first things you hear when you tell people that you are pregnant is to prepare yourself for childbirth. It’s painful. Like for real painful and it’s often though to be one of the worst or more extreme pains that you can feel. It’s a giant muscle that’s contracting and then of course you have to birth the baby, too. It’s really hard to put into words what it feels like. And even people who have been through it before know that there really isn’t a whole lot to compare it to.

People have been debating what is the “worst pain” forever. There are technical scales, like the McGill Pain Index that categorizes in a scale which pain is more intense than others. Near the top of that list is labor and childbirth. Specifically in people who haven’t been “trained” to know what to expect nor have they gone through it before. Women who have felt labor and childbirth before are slightly under that ranking, but only slightly.

There are some pains that do rank above labor on that scale. Things like an amputation or something really traumatic are on there. Those aren’t the type of pains that we’re going to “debate” here.

There are several types of pains or certain conditions that people will often say is “worse than childbirth” and they’re not really above the pain scale.

1. Kidney Stones

I have had kidney stones — a lot of them — and they hurt. They hurt a whole lot and if you have a big one that get stuck trying to get out of your body, it sears. There is no joking around with this stuff.

worse than childbirth
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According to one mom, it is more painful.

“It felt like someone wrapped a chain around my organs and started pulling them down. I found out 6 hours later that it was in fact, a kidney stone. Based on my experience, having this kidney stone was WAYYYY more hurtful and intense than labor”

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