Worried About Your Family’s Privacy On Facebook? Read And Share This


I have a love and hate relationship with Facebook. I love it because it allows me to keep in touch with all of my friends and family in one place, but I hate it because over the years it’s become very artificial and it seems like no one is keeping their private lives private anymore. And as much as I love seeing everyone’s kids at their school plays and soccer practices, it can be a little over redundant and that’s why I’ve stopped sharing details about my family as often as I used to.

And of course, there’s also the issue of other people stealing your children’s images. Unfortunately, there are some people who still keep their Facebook profiles public for everyone to see and sometimes, grab what they can. It’s a good thing that Facebook has realized what kind of problem it’s becoming and that’s why they are making changes.

According to Business Insider, Facebook’s vice president of engineering, Jay Parikh, spoke with comedian Dara O’Briain about the platform’s image recognition software at an event on Nov. 11 in London. He said that with help from artificial intelligence, the software will be able to give users a heads-up before publicly sharing certain photos. Parikh mentioned that the technology will allow Facebook to warn parents before they post photos of their children.

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