Worried About Your Child’s Speech Delay? Here Are 5 Signs To Look Out For


My kids are yappers. They love to talk and have their mama listen about their friends, their preschool shenanigans and their Shopkins. But yet when I ask them what they did that day at school all they can answer with is a simple and lowly, “nothing.” Go figure, right?

But not every kid is a yapper and most children really don’t start talking until they hit pre-school (or talk back until they are in middle school). As I’m sure you’ve heard before, Albert Einstein didn’t mutter a single word until he was 4, yet some parents are concerned when their 3-5 year olds don’t speak as much as their counterparts.

Honestly, it’s always a case by case situation and if you have your doubts, it’s best to speak to your child’s pediatrician or a medical professional about speech therapy. In the meantime, here are five clues to look out for (from PopSugar Moms) when it comes to delayed speech:


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