Women Reveal Their Biggest Self-Criticisms With Shocking Level Of Negativity

The study was conducted by Weight Watchers who worked with eight leading experts to explore the result of today’s new pressures for modern women on the relationship they have with themselves – 89% of women compliment others in ways they would never compliment themselves.

This was followed by general lifestyle judgements such as not earning enough money or having the ‘right’ job, described in the study as a result of today’s ‘Hall of Mirrors Era’, in which women are pressured by multiple options while being bombarded with images of perfection and achievement everywhere they look.

The findings also showed that women begin berating themselves almost straight away each day, with almost half of those surveyed (46%) admitting to criticizing themselves at least once before 9:30am.

Could this be true? Do you see yourself criticizing your looks before you even reach for your cup of coffee each day? Honestly, I think it has a lot to do with social media and comparing ourselves to others and their online personas, but I would hope that we mamas wouldn’t feel the need to put ourselves down when deep down inside we’re all truly special and unique – even with our flaws. Plus, isn’t that what we tell our daughters everyday?

What do you think, Hot Moms? Do you agree with this study?

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Source via The Mirror

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