Mom Killed After Her Daughter Allegedly Gouged Her Eyes Out

Warning: this story is seriously disturbing

Woman killed after her own daughter poked her eyes out of her sockets! Can you believe it? We are honestly in a state of shock just hearing about this story.

Yes, we know that a lot of crazy things are happening in the world today (and particularly in Florida. Why is it always the Sunshine State?) but this is so out of left field that we don’t even know how to start putting the pieces together.

Camille Balla had a pretty good relationship with her mother. Never in a million years would she ever harm her mother or let alone kill her. Yet that’s exactly what happened inside their Palm Beach home. And not only did she end her own mother’s life, but she also did it in the most gruesome way possible. My entire body can’t help but shiver just thinking about the details.

Now, all of these details aren’t confirmed (especially the drug part) but here’s what we know so far. Let me warn you though that this story is seriously disturbing, as are many of the details. But it’s also a warning to stay away and say no to drugs, my friends. A mother and woman killed because of a designer drug that was put in the wrong hands has left her entire family devastated.

Here’s what happened

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