Woman Demands 4K Retweets of Her Selfie or She’ll Get an Abortion

I joined Facebook 10 years ago. My friends had to convince me to do it. One of the reasons why I was reluctant is because I thought that social media is for narcissists, people looking for attention who just want to share their private business with the whole world.

There is no doubt that there are people who use social media for just that purpose. They throw everything into the internet from what they ate that morning for breakfast to passive aggressively trying to work out their personal drama, all for likes, comments and to be seen.

Whilst I admit that was a sweeping statement and not everyone is on Facebook (and now Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat) for that reason, I still think we’re in the midst of the “look at me” generation. There are some people who get called out for things maybe they didn’t realize was the smartest of moves, and then there are some who you can’t quite figure out why they put out what they did on social media. You know, when it becomes clear that it’s like watching a train wreck happen that you just can’t look away from?

Last week a Florida woman did something to get attention for all the wrong reasons. She took to Twitter to get their “help” on a very personal, and big, decision that is something usually reserved for those closest to you. In a quest to find out what she should do with her situation, she asked Twitter for their input and it quickly erupted into it’s own type of train wreck with people on all sides trying to figure out why she would make all this so public.

Abortion girlfriend selfie
Credit: Twitter / @saipanting

Why were people outraged by this woman’s Twitter thread?

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