Woman Bullies Baby And Flight Attendant Before Getting Kicked Off Plane

Yes... a baby.

Woman bullies baby and a mother on a flight. Could you ever imagine such a headline? Well, that’s exactly what happened on a Delta airlines flight from New York City to Syracuse. I can’t believe that this is the kind of world that we live in today.

Let’s face it, traveling is never easy, especially if you have a family. Someone is always bound to have a meltdown and in my own family, it’s usually me. That’s because I’m always the one packing, organizing, stressing and freaking out about the passports (I have this horrible fear of losing or forgetting our passports whenever we travel internationally).

With that being said though, my kids have been on airplanes their entire lives. My kids know the protocol. They know there are people sitting next to them that don’t want to hear their wining, crying and complaining. And they also know that there will be others who will wine, cry and complain and that you have to be patient.

But apparently this frequent flier couldn’t take it anymore and took matters into her own hands by bullying a small baby and a flight attendant to no end. Here’s what happened.

This woman bullied a baby on a flight!

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