Woman at Airport Live-Tweets Wives Trying to Catch Their Cheating Husbands

women catching husbands cheating
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As parents, we know that life often comes filled with drama even when we’re not looking for it. Kids themselves create it at every turn and life can be calm and quiet one second and by the next it sound like some sort of civil war has broken out between your kids.

Not only kids do you have to deal with, but if you’re in a relationship, there is drama that goes on in there, too. There are typical nothing spats that creep up thanks to being overtired, overworked, and not having enough self-care. But there are also the other grown-up dramas like someone in the relationship stepping out, cheating, and breaking the guides and bonds of a relationship.

No one wants to be on that side of the drama, but we have to admit, there’s a reason why that drama is interesting for other people. There are TV shows dedicated to the drama that comes from someone cheating in a relationship (hello, Maury!), and humans have a love for things salacious like that.

Well, one woman found herself in the middle of one of those type of dramas and decided to live-tweet two women she overheard at the airport who were spying, trying to catch their husbands because they though they were cheating on them.

The whole exchange is like a real-life version of a talk-show and you just have to read it all.

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