10 Facts About Wireless and Your Child’s Health

Growing up, I had a father who was rather obsessed with staying healthy and raising with a clean, organic lifestyle. Baked chicken was the norm and processed food was frowned upon. When wireless phones made their way to the market, my father was very, very critical of them and in fact, refused to get a phone for several years until he absolutely had to. And truthfully, I can’t remember my parents ever having a microwave in their home. My father was paranoid that all of the radiation would eventually kill us all. In fact, it’s a running joke now between me and my sister as my father had no trust in anything that was too modern, too high-tech or too energy efficient for that matter.

But now I truly understand why he was so worried and paranoid all of those years.

Now, does this mean I should throw out my microwave as well? Limit my children’s screen use? Perhaps, but of course I don’t want to over exaggerate all of this either. Wireless technology is a part of our life. We just need to learn how to be mindful about it. Here’s what you need to know.

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Here are 10 facts about wireless technology and your child’s health.


1. Protection

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Here’s a scary statistic: the United States is lagging way behind on protecting our kids from harmful wireless radiation. In comparison, countries like France, Belgium, Israel, Finland, Russia, India along with the rest of the European Union have already taken steps to reduce children’s exposure from wireless devices.

They’ve either banned the marketing of cell phones to children or have restricted wireless routers at school.

2. Microwaves

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Now, let’s get these straight: microwaves do not cause cancer. At least, not according to research. What’s most, they do not make foods radioactive either! Microwave ovens heat food by producing radiation, which is absorbed by water molecules in the food.

Use common sense: heat your food, but just don’t let kids play or go near them when in use.

3. WiFi

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Here’s another question that a lot of parents have: is WiFi dangerous for babies? One study says that the radio signals transmitted by WiFi devices are very low. Many scientists currently believe that WiFi exposure is safe.

Yet, there’s no harm in turning off your WiFi router before you go to bed, especially if you have one placed inside your bedroom (like we do in our home). In other words, rest easy, mama. Just use common sense.

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