WINIT! Shutterfly Photo Iphone 4/4s approximately $80 Value


No one likes a show off right?  Right.  But, really, who cares when you’re showing off your children or your grandchildren.

Shutterfly offers a fantastic photo gift this year that’s a great Mother’s Day gift for the “tech-savvy” Mom or Grandma from $34.95 – $39.95.  It’s a custom iPhone case.  They will just love it!!! Now, on the sturdy, protective case, you can have a personalized photo of your children to show off any time you pull out your phone (and we all know, Grandma wants that opportunity every chance she gets).  Plus, when you’re going to take a picture with your phone, who on Earth is not going to smile when they see the glowing faces of the cutest children in the world???

Shutterfly’s web site guides you through a very easy step by step process that goes from uploading your photo, to perfectly cropping it and finally (if you want) adding some pointed or funny text. It was super easy and Grandma is going to LOVE IT!!


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