Wine Glass Size Has Been Steadily Increasing, Along With The Amount Of Wine We Drink

Well, that explains where the bottle goes.

It seems when you become a mother, there are two things that keep your stress levels down. One is coffee and the other is wine. Of course this isn’t true for every parent — and neither should ever be something that becomes a crutch. But, wine and parenthood is something that is talked about largely in the mom circles. Probably because a lot of wine is cheap, it’s not something that’s frowned upon to have a glass or two. And it helps relieve stress when you pick up a wine glass and are able to gently unwind.

It seems to be the cool thing to talk about how you can’t wait until 5pm to be able to have a glass of wine. We joke about wine being a vital part of parenting. There are certain stages of kid ages that require it more than others and this can be dangerous. When it comes to moms and alcohol use, there is a fine line between making  it something that’s generally enjoyed versus hiding a problem behind being fun. Alcoholism can creep up on us and in the young woman, this phase of life allows it to be hidden a little more.

Well, a study has shown that we’re drinking more wine than ever before and part of that has to do with it being pretty common and well, wine glasses.

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Devan McGuinness

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