Why You Should Stop Buying Those Trendy Food Pouches for Your Baby

As a mom, I’m all about convenience because as a working mom who tries to juggle several different tasks at the same time, I can’t always make food from scratch. And I certainly can’t take the time out of my day to make meals that would normally take me several hours. It’s just not realistic and that’s why I usually go for ready made meals like our favorite frozen food items from Trader Joe’s. And for lunch, there’s a good chance that I’ll pack my kids a cheese stick, Pirate’s Booty popcorn or heck, even a trendy food pouch in their bags.

But now there’s a new report that says moms like you and me should reconsider some of the items we let our children snack on or eat for lunch at school. And it’s not because of another recall or health concern.

food pouch
Credit: Instagram / @ellaskitchenusa

Here’s why we need to stop buying packaged snacks for our kids

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