9 Reasons Why You Should Love and Appreciate Your Mother-in-Law

I know that a lot of us either have love or hate relationships with our mother-in-laws. Sure, this is the same woman that raised the man that you fell in love with, but for some reason or another you just can’t get along. The daughter-in-law/mother-in-law relationship is a complex and important one.

Yes, some people are lucky to have wonderful in-laws. Some, on the other hand, end up with the ones that are toxic and you can’t build a relationship with them if they disrespect and hate you and try to put you down every time they see you (but let’s not focus on that right now, eh?!?)

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Here are 9 reasons why you SHOULD appreciate your mother-in-law!

1. Just Like Family

mother in law
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If you have a mother-in-law that accepts you like her own, consider yourself very lucky. The first and most important thing a mother-in-law should do is extend her hand to her husband’s new wife and welcome her into the family and as one of her own.

2. Impartial Judgment

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A great mother-in-law is one that doesn’t meddle in her son’s business or pass judgment on his partner. It doesn’t matter if she agrees or doesn’t agree with the things you are doing, a smart mother-in-law will know that you’re still trying to learn the ropes of life.. and help you out in the process, too.

3. She Helps When The Going Gets Rough

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Now, that’s not to say that mother-in-laws should be kept at a distance all together. If there’s one person who knows everything there is to know about your spouse, it’s her. She raised him after all! A good mother-in-law will help you navigate the rough waters when things get tough (and trust me, they will).

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