Why We Think You Should Think Twice Before Buying Your Kids A Hoverboard!

hoverboard explosion

All my kids keep saying is how much they want a hoverboard! First of all, a $300 – $600 motorized toy is not on our list this year and specifically after I have seen so many horrendous  accidents including one where the hoverboard caught fire, exploded, and burned down a house in Louisiana to me this has to be one of the most dangerous buys of 2015!

I feel awful for mom,  Jessica Horne who bought her 12-year-old son a hoverboard, from Amazon. It was a company called Fit Turbo for $300.  After having it for one day,  it caught fire inside the boy’s bedroom while he was charging it.

Jessica told told WGNO News.”It was like fireworks, I could see sparks just flying. And before I could yell ‘the house is on fire,’ the middle part of the board that was going between your feet . . . just ‘poof’ into flames.”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has had eight reports of emergency-room-related injuries caused by hoverboard accidents in the past three months, including one where a woman severely tore ligaments in her ankle simply trying to get off of one.

No matter what protection you have on, nothing can really protect you from something like this.

Are you getting a hoverboard this holiday season?


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