Why This Mom Won’t Buy Her Daughter An American Girl For Christmas ~ She HATES Them!



When it comes to the American Girl Doll collection, it seems like there are a lot of moms out there that either love them or hate them. Some are absolutely obsessed with them while others hate them because of their crazy price tags.

While I can definitely understand both sides of the argument (as my 8-year-old daughter is a fan of the dolls herself), blogger Stephanie Sprenger of Scary Mommy has vowed to never by one of the dolls for her daughter because she thinks it’s a huge waste of money, please she seems to absolutely loathe them. Here’s what she writes:

Here’s the thing: if I thought my daughter would cherish and care for an American Girl Doll, I would totally buy her one. (I think.) I would without a doubt buy 7-year-old me in 1985 an AGD. I would have adored her, given her a middle name, slept with her and played with her daily. Let’s be honest — my second grader is a far cry from the nurturing mama-in-training that I was when I was 7. And that is completely fine. I have no issue with the fact that fawning over dolls is not my daughter’s thing. But there is no way that I will spend that kind of money on a toy that isn’t really her thing. Unfortunately, after poring over the AGD catalog that arrived that ill-fated day, she decided they most definitely are her thing.

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