Why I Don’t Really Give A F*&$%k About Swearing In Front Of My Kids ~ Do You?

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I used to use a lot of cursing words –  but I’ve learned to censor myself in front of my kids. And while I’ll admit to letting out an occasional F-bomb during a moment of frustration or serious stress, I don’t let it happen all too often. This is because I know my children are watching and mimicking my every move and if I want them to be good, caring compassionate kids, then I need to be a good, caring, compassionate person. Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t have my flaws (because that list sure is long), but I sure as heck am trying my best at this complicated job called parenthood.

But as much as I do try to keep my swearing under my breath, things slip out, kids hear it and eventually repeat and ask about it. Now, some parents think that toddlers swearing is no big deal while others have a hard time trying to tame their tiny little potty mouths. Here’s what Stephanie Sprenger of Scary Mommy has to say on the topic:


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