Why Are We Still So Obsessed With Pimple Popping?

    Dr Pimple Popper Dr Sandra Lee
    Credit: YouTube / DrPimplePopper

    When you become a parent, there are a lot of gross things that you have to do. No one likes to change a diaper of a baby who has the stomach flu, winter season that comes with the flu is also gross. Then you have the weird things you catch your child doing, messes that you have to clean up and generally there are some very not-at-all glamorous parts of this gig.

    But, that’s life, isn’t it. There are a lot of things we all do as grown ass adults that others might think is gross. For many of us, that’s the stuff we do in private when no one is looking. No one talks about it, but we all do it and that’s just the way we’re all going to be.

    Well, there is one thing with doing all this gross stuff in private and it’s a whole other story to seek out gross things on other people. That’s what it’s like for people who watch these videos of doctors taking care of patient’s giant blemishes. You know those “OMG look how big this blackhead is and I’m going to watch the doctor pop it.” Yes it might be the grossest thing you’ve ever seen and for some reason you wanted to watch it.

    Welcome to my world… #drpimplepopper

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    So why are you and me and all of us so fascinated?

Devan McGuinness

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