when is enough…..enough?

66 year old pregnant women…….ENOUGH!  I personally find this story very disturbing. Had she have gotten pregnant on her own, without the help of medical intervention, then I don’t think I would be as disturbed. But she did and I am! It should be a crime for these doctors to help impregnate all these women who have no business being pregnant, be it their age or the amount of embrios that they implant. Clearly, these women are not capable of making these choices for themselves, therefor an educated doctor needs to be the one of sound mind. I realize that there is a lot of gray area on this topic, but come on, there is alot of black and white too.

In this case, she most likely will not live to see them leave the house! How incredibly sad is that for a child? One of the biggest fear for a child is losing a parent, let alone your mother.( I believe that there is no father in the picture either) That is sooo incredibly selfish of this woman and I can’t believe ANYBODY would support her in this dessision. I’m not going to even touch on the amount of energy that is needed to raise children.She is  also, putting  a small child in the role of taking care of HER in a few years. It’s nature not a frame of mind!  The child is the one who will be changing diapers!  This makes me wonder, did she EVER think about the child at all? Her being a first time mom, I highly doubt it!

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