What’s Hot, What’s Not: The Latest Naming Trends

“After being stuck behind Emily for years,
Emma became the most popular name for girls.”

Every year around Mother’s Day, the Social Security Administration releases the latest baby name popularity information. Here are the most interesting trends for 2008 that I spotted.

1. The Top 10 Names
Girls: After being stuck behind Emily for years, Emma became the most popular name for girls. Emily dropped two places to #3 while Isabella remained at #2. Chloe jumped six spots to #10—easily the biggest move in the top 10. Madison rose from #5 to #4, while Addison fell from #11 to #12. In 2007, Madison slipped from #3 to #5 at the expense of Addison, which leaped from #28 to #11.

Boys: The biggest news was no surprise. The first five boys’ names—Jacob, Michael, Ethan, Joshua, and Daniel—retained their positions on the list. The biggest move in the top 10 was made by Alexander, which jumped five spots to #6 at the expense of Christopher, which fell from #6 to #9, and Matthew, which dropped from #9 to #10.

2. The Top 100 Names
Girls: The biggest popularity gains were registered by Payton (+63), Peyton (+61), Camila (+46), Genesis (+43), Madelyn (+41), Layla (+30), Aubrey (+27), Leah (+27), and Valeria (+25). Of these names, only Aubrey gained popularity last year, too. The biggest popularity losses were registered by Megan (-22), Jennifer (-20), Faith (-17), Jocelyn (-17), Jessica (-17), Rachel (-16), Isabelle (-14), Gabrielle (-12), Alexandra (-12), and Sydney (-12).

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