13 Things Moms Need to Know About the Netflix Hit Series, 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is fast becoming the most talked-about series on social media. The show is so controversial that medical professionals and mental health organizations find its raw depiction of suicide a dangerous choice that could lead others to take their own lives.

The show, released in full on March 31, tells the story of teenager Hannah Baker’s (played by Katherine Langford) suicide through audio tapes listened to by classmate Clay Jensen (played by Dylan Minnette). Each tape details why Hannah blames specific people for her suicide. In the final episode, Hannah’s suicide is shown in graphic detail.

If you think it sounds heavy, let me tell you that it is.

The show is produced by pop star Selena Gomez and based on the best-selling novel by Jay Asher. In interweaves two narratives of Clay’s life: before and after Hannah’s suicide.

The show has sexual harassment and assault, graphic scars, graphic depictions, self harm scars, an almost suicide attempt and talk of suicide. Without giving too much away, we’ve listed 13 things you need to know about this controversial show.

13 Reasons Why
Credit: Netflix

Here’s 13 things you need to know before sitting down and watching the entirety of this series.

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