What Men Really Think

What Men Really Think

By: Kim MacGregor

A short time ago I visited Toronto’s business district to video tape personal interviews with men in a committed relationship (married/common-law) to find out what they found most beautiful about their wives/girlfriends. Maybe I’ve seen one too many Axe commercials, but I partly expected to hear things like: “She has giant hooters” or “She’s red hot sexy!” 

The answers were surprising as one man after the next rattled off attributes and qualities they felt made their partner beautiful that didn’t fit with the preconceived ideas we have of men’s perceptions. The men interviewed provided answers that indicated such a sincere understanding and appreciation for a depth of beauty in their partners; it was as if I had written the words on behalf of all women.

I was delighted but skeptical, wondering if perhaps the answers were skewed because the men were being videotaped. So we took our survey online to capture the results of more men, in a more informal and discreet way. By God, the results were exactly the same as the men on the street. The consistency in responses show that men view their partner’s beauty in a much broader and more meaningful way than women believe they do or than women view themselves, in many cases.

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