Melania Trump Tells Children What She Really Wants For Christmas And People Are Confused

Honestly, we should have seen it coming.

What Melania Trump wants for Christmas might seem like a question that can easily answer itself, right? I mean, the woman is married to the President of the United States and he has a net worth that is in the billions. There’s nothing that Melania can’t want or can’t have. Her Manhattan apartment was decorated in gold from the ceiling to the floors. Ever since she married Donald Trump, she’s lived a life of extravagant luxury.

But let’s look at the question again: What Melania Trump wants for Christmas might not necessarily be another $3000 Dolce and Gabbana jacket, a new pair of high heels to take with her on her next trip to Houston, Texas, or a diamond bracelet that the best money can buy. Oh no. Melania Trump wants more than just her own separate bedroom and official staff of handlers. She wants something that quite honestly makes a lot of sense.

Now, we are not here to slam or criticize Melania Trump in any way. The holiday season, after all, is about kindness, right? With that in mind though, we can’t help but read between the lines of Melania Trump’s Christmas wish list. Trust me when we say that you won’t be surprised.

What Melania Trump Wants for Christmas is this!

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