“What is Love?” he asked…

Ah…love.  I was once madly in love with a man and he was madly in love with me back.  We agreed no one could be more in love than us.  For many years we told each other, “I love you”.  Then one day he decided he didn’t know what love was.  You can imagine how devastated I was.  I mean, how could he have loved me if he didn’t even know what love was?  I am talking about a divorced forty-five year old man who had been married for 19 years and raised four children.  How could he not know what love was?  Apparently, lots of folks don’t.  For example take Prince Charles on his engagement to Lady Diana:  A reporter asked him if he loved her and he replied, “What ever that means.”  Ouch!

This Valentines day, I thought it would be a fun way to clear up the confusion by asking some open hearted people, “What is love”?

“Love is my mommy and taking care of everyone in my family.”
Jaxon, 5 yrs

“Love is my son.  Love is freedom”.
Anita Pressman, 42
Personal Trainer
Divorced Single Mom

“Love means you kinda help people.”
Devin, 5 yrs

”I think love starts with family I grew up with, then your own family.  For me I found having children is the best gift of love.  The love that I have for my husband is great, but our children bring us so much joy and love.  Also having a job that I love to go to everyday, and the talent I represent, brings me love and joy”.
Carol Scott
Talent Agency Partner
Married with kids

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