What Happened to Cursive?

I remember being in school, I don’t know, maybe third grade and learning how to write in cursive. I was so excited because now I could read my mom’s notes, cards, whatever was around. Not to mention the fact that is is much faster, didn’t hurt my hand when writing more then one sentence and in my writing, much prettier. So why the heck are our schools not teaching it to our kids anymore?? Are we never expected to write ever again, or read a thank you card again? Ok, so we now type….a LOT, but come on, just because we spent the majority of our time on the computers doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn this much needed tool.

Let’s talk about the comparison to math, shall we? Now let’s be realistic, almost NONE of us use 90% of what we were taught in math class, IE calculators, or just the fact that we don’t need it. But we still had to learn formula’s that we all knew were useless to us in our grown up daily lives. You know what we use? Addition, subtraction, multiplication and yes division. O.K. maybe fractions too. But why oh why were we forced to learn X=Y-Z to the square root etc…. but when it comes to art of writing, yeah, not important. Well I say Poppykosh! I want my children to learn cursive!!! Guess I’ll have have to home school, at least cursive writing anyway.

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