Parents Debate If There’s A ‘Right Age’ To Get Kids Their Own Smartphone

Lots of parents are conflicted over this

It seems everywhere you look these days every kid has a smartphone. In my house our rule is you don’t get your own phone until you turn 12. Well, that was our rule until this past summer and I really wanted a way to keep in contact with my 11 year old son. We live in a neighborhood filled with kids and they often bike to each others houses and play outside at different places, so I found myself wanting him to have a phone so I could easily keep in touch with him and track his whereabouts.

I had an older iPhone that I gave him and we signed him up for a monthly plan even though he’s not yet 12. He has limited social media access and I can take his phone and look at it anytime I want so I’m OK with him having it now, mostly because it lets me get in touch with him anytime I want. I know many people who won’t let their kids have phones but let them have full access to computers and iPads in the home, so I don’t really see what the difference is?

I’m a firm believer that every individual parent knows what works for their child and what doesn’t, but is there truly a ‘right age’ to let a child have their own smartphone?

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