Wendy Williams Just Ripped Kim Kardshian For Her Latest Instagram Stunt

Wendy: 1, Kim: 0

Wendy Williams is one very opinionated talk show host. We know that. We’ve heard her tell it like it is many times. And now Wendy has something to say about Kim Kardashian and her recent Instagram stunt. And let me tell you, the woman isn’t holding back at all.

As I’m sure you’ve either seen or heard by now, Kim Kardashian posted a series of naked photos on her Instagram account. And we are not talking about a little bit of skin here and there. We are talking full frontal. Honestly, we’re surprised that the NSFW photos have not been taken down by Instagram yet. They are so provocative that we’re not even going to show them to you here.

The one particular photo has already garnered over 4 million likes in just one day. And as you can imagine, Wendy Williams has a lot to say about it. In fact, we are pretty sure Wendy is just saying out loud what we are all secretly thinking. But then again, are we even surprised? Kim Kardashian built her entire career around a leaked tape that helped make her the household name that she is today.

Here’s what Wendy Williams has to say about Kim Kardashian’s latest stunt.

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