Wedding Veils and Tall Tales

Wedding Veils and Tall Tales

By: Patricia Walters-Fischer RN

I love reading. There isn’t anything better than a good book, but because my alone time is limited, I decide to be very choosing about what I’ll read.

Never have I been disappointed with Jane Graves and her newest book, Tall Tales and Wedding Veils, is one of her best yet.

Her characters of Tony and Heather end up unexpectantly married after winning the jackpot in Vegas. Instead of a quick annullment, they figure out it’s better to stay platonically married to help the other out of difficult situation.

Despite their plans to keep their distance, these two opposites, burn up the pages and keep the reader’s nose in the book until the very end.

You won’t be disappointed is this fun and sassy read written by a super Hot Mom.

To read chapter one you can visit Jane’s Website


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