What to Wear: Thanksgiving Dinner Fashion Inspirations

Photo Credit: Polyvore
Photo Credit: Polyvore

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for a few reasons. First of all, it’s just like Christmas; everyone comes over and there is plenty of delicious food, however there isn’t the added stress of gift giving. Secondly, did I mention there is plenty of food?! Lastly, and almost most importantly, the colors of Fall fashion just make me squeel with delight. Warm, cozy colors and sweaters are my usual go-to for the Fall, but for Thanksgiving it is fun to dress up a little more.

This Thanksgiving consider a few of the following tips when deciding what to wear to dinner with family and friends and most of all, remember to be thankful.

K.I.S.S Keep it simple, sweetheart! There isn’t a need for too much fuss so a simple dress as pictured above can be the perfect outfit.

Dress it Up You can turn a pair of black slacks and a white top into something a little more festive with a fun printed belt as pictured above. Be sure to tuck in that shirt to keep it more formal and show off that cute belt! It’s a nice way to look polished yet not too stuffy.

Add a POP of Color As pictured above, a simple pair of white or off-white pants paired with a gorgeous jewel toned top makes a great ensemble.



Clarissa Nassar

Clarissa Nassar is a bi-coastal mama, born and raised in Southern Cali and transplanted to the east coast, she knows the best of both worlds. She writes on her blog The Posh Parent and is a full-time psychology major. Clarissa has been in the blogosphere since 2007 and loves to share her view of life as a chic mom on the cheap.

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